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    Longyan University

         Longyan University is one of the full-time public undergraduate universities in Fujian Province authorized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, which is located in Longyan City--the centre of west Fujian Province, where there is beautiful environment and convenient transportation. Founded in 1958, Longyan University was previously called Longyan Higher Teaching College. In 2001, it was merged with Fujian Resources Industrial School. The current name of Longyan University began in May 2004 with the authorization of the Ministry of Education. At present, it is the only full-time undergraduate university in the west of Fujian.

    There are 11694 full-time students in Longyan University enrolled from 23 provinces, mucipalities and some automomy areas. There are 11secondary colleges/ departments, 1 ideological and political theory study center and 41 four-year undergraduate specialties covering 8 fields, namely, literature, science, engineering, economics, management, education, agronomy, art, etc..

          Longyan University attaches great importance to exchanges and social services. Over the past few years, the University has established friendly and productive ties with universities, colleges and academic institutes of Taiwan and Macao, and of countries like Germany, America, Brazil, and Australia. It has also launched strategic alliances with local government, economic development zones and enterprises, providing technical services and intellectual support for the development of west Fujian.

          Longyan University acts in accordance with the school motto of “Great in virtue and keen on learning”, adhering to the orientation of “having our feet firmly planted in Longyan and serving the province, Committing to application, highlighting characteristics and serving for development”. The university aims at training teachers for basic education and cultivating advanced talents with practical techniques, who will directly serve the local economy and social development. Undertaking the strategic qualified education, scientific management and talent cultivation, Longyan University is now working hard to become one of the top universities of the same kind all over the country.